Tech Vocab

Sometimes in IT, you find special ways to pronounce certain words. Here’s some of ours:

  • Authentification – the process of authenticating against a device or service
  • Disturbation – a series of disturbing events
  • Floginlaster – the act of logging into a device or service as quickly as possible
  • Crushidge – when a server or PC’s resources are being crushed by an application or service
  • Deletificate – to delete files/folders
  • Verificate – to verify identity
  • Refreshificate – refreshing a web page or service
  • Suckage – something not so great
  • Rebooticus Maximus – the act of rebooting a server, PC, or mobile device as a last resort
  • Textopotomus – someone who is constantly texting on a mobile device
  • Hackopotomus – a hacker